i say it's it's ethier ninja, fighter, cutter and beam.

ninja, becuse he has a attack and run attack.(dash+1)strength-high

fighter, he's got a attack that makes him go in the air to escape and attack.(rising break,up+1)strength-high

cutter, he's has an attack that can make him drop from the sky.(cutter drop,down+1 in midair)strength-high

beam i think is proboly the best out of all of them with it's revoulotion beam, capture beam and wave beam, it owns the top spot. revoulotion beam is really good because it can go into a high place and attack with revoulotion beam.

please no commenting on myne or any others ideas.

Cutter kirby



ninja from kirby adventure


Artwork from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror


beam from kirby's adventure wii

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