Throw appears in the anime, When it appears for the first time all the people of Dream Land saw them. For all the people of Cappy Town it is new. This Ability is like Kirby because he first swallows like normal kirby. Then he stops swallowing and he gets the enemy. Then throw! It is a powerful ability.

in the animeEdit

Throw was featured in the anime once, and was the last regular ability to appear in the series. Throw's identity isn't clear to any of the characters at first (not even Meta Knight) until he starts to throw his opponent around. Like in the game version, Kirby first uses his inhale to grab them. Throw Kirby's most powerful move is the Tornado Throw, which throws the enemy clear out of the atmosphere.

In the transformation sequence, the Throw headband appears. It ties Kirby up a few times, but he gets himself out and puts the headband on his head.

In the gamesEdit

It appears in more games than Backdrop and Suplex.