Transform Kirby into stone figures and smash the enemies.
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Stone is a Copy Ability that is very useful for sliding down hills. Other than that, it is not that useful. You have to fly above the opponent and turn into a stone shape or statue in order to defeat them. You can also use it to go against currents in the water.

Stone Transformations

Some rare transformations.


Kirby can transform into Golden Mario, Golden Samus, Golden HAL, Golden 8Bit Kirby, Golden Items, Golden Meta/Galacta Knight, Mt. Fuji, Dragoon, Marx, Wham Bam Rock, and a lot more!

In Kirby Super Star Ultra there is Mario and Samus, but in Kirby's Return to Dream Land it is mostly Kirby-related.


Stone isn't in Kirby Squeak Squad because Metal is very simmular. However, Metal is much more useful.