Control a robotic weapon of HAVOC!!!!! it can fire lasers,bombs,missiles, and can FLY!!!!!!!

Flavor text from Kirby:Spheredoomer's revenge


Appearance: A large kirby-like mech with wheels,rocket launchers,and other varying weapons.


Laser Eyes:fires ricocheting lasers,simalar to kirby's laser ability.

MISSILES: Fires 5 heat-seeking rockets around the screen,devastating nearby enimies.

Bombs: brings up a target reticle, being able to target foes and have swiftly descending bombs upon foes.

X-5 TANK45 FORM: transforms kirby into a tank,making him able to fire artillary shells.

JET BOOST: Makes kirby fly,therefore,being able to reach high areas.

WARSHARK:transforms kirby into a war submarine,Increasing speed underwater and being able to fire torpedos