Ice Kirby

General informationEdit

Ice is one of Kirby's basic abilities. He can freeze his enemies and transform them into ice cubes. If Kirby touches the ice cube of the enemy Kirby will kick it, and if an enemy is near of the ice cube and Kirby kicks it the enemy will be KOd, but if Kirby doesen't push the ice cube, the ice cube will dissarpear. In some games Kirby transforms into a blue Kirby when he has the ice ability, and in other games Kirby can skate if he runs and freeze some lava and water.

In the animeEdit

Ice Kirby in the anime uses a slightly different hat design from the games with a six pointed blue gem and small visor at the front. His skin turns blue, as it does in Kirby Super Star. He can breathe icy wind at his enemy to freeze him or her, and naturally it's not very useful against an ice-based foe, like Ice Dragon, unless it's an "inside" job, but can use the Freezer Suction/Ejection and Ice Kick on non-ice foes.

In the transformation sequence, a chill wind makes Kirby shiver and turn blue before his crown of ice crystals sprouts from his head and wears a visor crown.

Flavour textEdit

Kirby's Adventure: Kirby can freeze enemies with his cold breath! He can then throw them into others!
Kirby Super Star: Turn Kirby into the ice man and turn the enemies into frozen blocks of ice. Don't slip!
Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland / Kirby & The Amazing Mirror / Kirby Squeak Squad: First, I'll freeze 'em, then I'll kick 'em along! Brrrr!
Kirby Super Star Ultra: Freeze foes with icy breath! Kick ice cubes into others! When you dash, you skate!
Kirby's Return to Dreamland: Frozen foe? Give it a kick! Glide gracefully across the land with an Ice Skate, and even cool down those hot, hot flames!


This ability its one of Masahiro Sakurai's (Kirby's creator) favorite abilites because it got the Super Ability called Snow Bowl. This is also one of the abilities that has more use the anime.


Ice Kirby - Transformation

Ice Kirby - Transformation