The cutter boomerang is coming right back at ya!

KRTDL Cutter

Artwork from Kirby's Return to Dream Land


Cutter Boomerang B/Y/1
Hyper Boomerang Hold 1, then release
Cutter Dash B/Y/1 + Dash
Sweep Cutter Hold B/Y/1 (Midair)
Cutter Drop Down + B/Y/1 (Midair)
Cleaving Cutter 1 next to foe
Final Cutter 1 repeatedly next to foe

Animal FriendsEdit

Cutter Doo

Kirby giving Waddle Doo its hat.

Rick B
Coo B
Kine B
Gooey B
Nago B
Chuchu B



Regular Enemies: Sir Kibble , Kapar, Bukiset, Fishbone, Sawyer, Boomerang Poppy Bros Jr, Juckle

Mid-bosses: Waiyu, Kibble Blade

Bosses: Mr. Shine, Marx


Ability IconsEdit


  • The flavour text shown at the top of the page is a refrence to the anime. It is the Nightmare in Dream Land flavour text.

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