"Is this for real? You bet! Jump through a flaming hoop, and show off your finest Acrobatics! After the curtains close on your foes, they'll know the clown arts are no joke." -Kirby Triple Deluxe's description

Circus is one of the 4 new Copy abilities (not including Hypernova) introduced in the latest installment of the Kirby series, Kirby Triple Deluxe for the 3DS. Kirby gets a nice hat which resembles a small circus tent, but with eyes, a red nose and a mustache.

How to obtainEdit

KTD Clown

The enemy you need to inhale for Circus ability (found either juggling batons or swinging with a hula-hoop)

Ability orbs (with the Circus symbol, which is a red circus tent)

A clown-like enemy found slightly common in some levels (image)


B: Somersault (Kirby bounces forward for a bit and then returns)

B+ Right on D-pad or Circle Pad: Backsault (same, but Kirby goes backwards first)

Dash+ B: Fire-Hoop Jump (Kirby jumps through a firey hoop and turns into a fireball, which ends when you hit the ground)

Down+ B: Ball Balance (Kirby balances on a ball for combo damage. Can be used in the air for a different  stance)

Up+ B: Baton (Kirby throws some batons up in the air)

Up+ B multiple times: Fire Baton (Kirby throws batons that light on fire for more damage)

Down, then Up+ B: Trampoline (Kirby bounces off a trampoline to launch himself into the air)

Trampoline, then Up+B while in mid-air: Acrobatics (Kirby twirls in the air for extra damage and height)

Hold B: Balloon Pop Art (Kirby makes  balloon which then pops for a large amount of damage)

Fun factEdit

One of the balloons Circus Kirby can pop looks like Meta Knight! Cool, huh?